Great Places for Bridal Portraits in Columbia, SC

Bridal portraits are a wonderful Southern tradition. On the wedding day, we may only have a few minutes to do a nice bridal portrait of you. A bridal portrait session allows us an hour or two of relaxed time at at time of day and location of our choice, maximizing the beauty of the natural light and our chosen locale. It also serves as a dry run for the wedding day-you’ll get an idea of how long it will take to get your hair and makeup done and put on your dress and accessories, and see what you like and don’t like in terms of hair, makeup, etc. It also allows the bride and photographer to get to know each other, which is very valuable on the wedding day.

Columbia, SC, and the surrounding area offers several beautiful locations for gorgeous bridal portraits. Here are just a few. And remember to contact me when you are ready to schedule your bridal portrait session!

-Jeff Blake, 803-354-2128,,


The Lace House and Gardens of the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion

One of the most popular venues in town, both for weddings and bridal portraits, the grounds and gardens around the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion feature nearly a dozen gardens, plenty of wrought iron gates, fences and porch railings, a large fountain, porch swings-everything you need to make a beautiful portrait. The Lace House is an historic house where the Governor often houses guests. It is free to photograph on the grounds Monday-Friday, 9-5, though there is an optional fee to photograph inside the Lace House. Photos by Jeff Blake, 803-354-2128,,

Irmo Town Park

Located just outside downtown Irmo, Irmo Town Park is a wonderful option for bridal portraits. Featuring a pond, gazebo, bench swings and a small stream, the small park is a hidden jewel for beautiful photos. Photos by Jeff Blake, 803-354-2128,,

The State House

In the heart of downtown Columbia, the State House offers gardens, walking paths, columns and beautiful architecture to add a gorgeous backdrop to your bridal portraits. Photos by Jeff Blake, 803-354-2128,,

Bridal Portraits at the Palmetto Trail Alston Trailhead

The Palmetto Trail at the Alston Trailhead near Peak, SC, has several beautiful spots for bridal portraits. It features a railroad trestle converted into a walking trail, the grassy fields, dirt roads, and stone bridge pilings. The trail is a rustic locale for beautiful bridal portarits. Photos by Jeff Blake, 803-354-2128,,

Bridal Portraits at The Horse Shoe on the Campus of the University of South Carolina

The Horse Shoe on the campus of the University of South Carolina offers many fine spots for bridal portraits, from the big grassy quad, to the hidden gardens to the large oak trees and brick paths. For Gamecocks alumni, a special place for a special moment. Photos by Jeff Blake, 803-354-2128,,




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